Gallery of Coins and Tokens

These are just a few examples of the types of coins, tokens and medallions that can be found and collected. Many people like to specialise in certain categories, such as ancient (e.g Greek, Roman, Celtic); Anglo-Saxon, or medieval; local token coinage; medallions and commemoratives, and many others. Where dates are given for ancient coins, archaeologists are using BCE (Before Common Era) for B.C and CE (Common Era) for A.D

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Bristol Exchange 1796 token

Copper token dated 1796


Tiberius; copper or bronze as

Tiberius: Emperor of Rome 14-37CE (AD)


Charles 2nd; Crown

Crown coin of Charles 2nd,1671


George 3rd sixpence

George 3rd silver sixpence 1787


Scottish communion token

Communion token; Glasgow 1864


Roman coin: Nero, emperor 54-68 CE (AD)

Brass coloured Roman coin: Nero


Henry 3rd

Henry 3rd silver penny; reign 1216-1272


Ancient Greek tetradrachm

Silver tetradrachm or shekel, head of Melkarth; from Tyre, Phoenicia.


Bristol copper token

Bristol copper penny token coin


Mariner 2

Silver commemorative of Mariner 2 space-probe.